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Mobile Application for Field Agents

September, 2005 – Present


  • Asia Credit Monitors


Financial institute can now increase cost effectiveness in operation logistics, resources planning, job accuracy and convenience by deploying the use of the mobile application installed on mobile handsets.  The field agents, with their mobile phones, can now instantly retrieve and collect information on their tasks while on-the-run to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their work.

Customer Requirement

Leveraging on latest communication technologies – GSM 3G mobile network, location-based service and mobile phones with Java capabilities, to create an application to

  • Boost up the effectiveness and performance of field agents
  • Maintain and manage a consistent quality on performance
  • Cut costs on ongoing operation
  • Save time in routine logistic work


Enhance the performance of field agents

  • Headquarter can monitor performance and physical location of field agents
  • Extra jobs can be pushed to selected field agents at anytime creating higher efficiency in job distribution
  • Motivate and encourage better job performance
  • Immensely enhance the communication between the field agents and headquarter office

Significantly ease the retrieve and submission of information collected processes done while field agents are on-the-road:

  • Portable and highly accessible via mobile handsets
  • No huge files or paperwork to carry
  • Instant transmission of collected data – no need to complete physical paper forms end of the day
  • No extra trips to travel and still able to have a close communication with headquarters

Save money, resources, manpower and time

  • Save transportation time and cost of field agents and operation staff
  • Instant update of information to server - save printing, data input and handling of hardcopies of current and past records
  • Last minute job list changes made possible

Product Features

  • Downloading daily job list with district selection onto individual field agent's mobile device; field agents do not need to travel to the head office to get daily schedule
  • Submission of collected data and automatic update to data server; field agents no longer need to spend hours to fill in physical forms for handing in to head office after a long day of work
  • Secured user login and automatic application version check; no need for printing forms
  • Monitoring of field agents' work performance

Co-developed Striking Features

  • Tracking the physical location of each field agent to ensure performance level
  • Multi-security check during various connections to server