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Marketing Campaign on All Categories – Guangzhou & Shenzhen

January 5, 2009 - February 25, 2009


  • Circle K 「OK網路賞」Guangzhou and Shenzhen


「OK網路賞」 is a new and innovative “Brick & Click” campaign aims at creating excitement to the customers on media (newspaper & magazines) purchase, hence to build loyalty for their continuous purchase.

The first wave of 「OK網路賞」 lasted for 6 weeks from April to June 2007. 「OK網路賞」 is the first unique integrated “Brick & Click” marketing program organized by a convenient retail chain in Hong Kong. It incorporates technology to the retail environment to bring excitement to customers. Due to the innovative and practical aspects of this Program, it was awarded the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2007 Best Ubiquitous Networking (Digital Marketing Campaign) Gold Award.

Due to the high receptiveness of the first wave 「OK網路賞」by customers, partners and the industry, 「OK網路賞」II was launched again during June to August 2008.

And in Jan 2009, 「OK網路賞」is once again launched for Circle K stores in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The Program

During the campaign period, customers who make purchases over 10 RMB at Circle K stores will be given「OK網路賞」Lucky Star Tissue Packs which have 60% chance of containing the 「OK網路賞」 premium card. Each premium card entitles the customers to redeem various premium gifts either through the web portal (

Duration「OK網路賞」Lucky Star Tissue Pack given out for every purchase of RMB10 at Circle K Stores

  • Premium card distribution period: Jan 5 – Feb 15, 2009
  • Premium download availability period: Jan 5 – Feb 25, 2009

Customer Requirement

A virtual premium platform with interface and features suitable for Circle K Guangzhou and Shenzhen customers Capture new generation customers (those who regularly goes online)


  • Developed and perfected a personalized, very easy-to use and navigate User Interface
  • Provide deeper analysis of valuable customer’s information for Circle K to better its products, services and premiums in the future

Products and Service Features

  • Increase revenue for Circle K
  • Rejuvenate the brand of Circle K
  • Create lots of opportunities for Circle K to partner with businesses/product manufacturers other than FMCG suppliers
  • A virtual premium redemption platform, including mobile and web interfaces production, for user registration, first wave members re-activation, points accumulation, redemption mechanics and logistic, transaction history, etc.
  • A web-based management tool for premium management, ad management, transaction records, weekly magazine content update for web viewing
  • Provided online media planning and buying service for the client
  • Day-to-day Operation of the platform and premium gifts
  • Technical Support Hotline for answering customer enquiries
  • Premium and content partners liaison and coordination
  • Reporting and data analysis