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VoIP Call Solution – Web Management Module

December, 2008 - November, 2009


Gilman Home Appliances


Gilman Home Appliances has been the Hong Kong leading distributor of famous brands of electric home appliances since 1841. The company has invested in upgrading to a Voice over IP system as it has considerable benefits over its existing phone system including –

  • Scalability
  • Unified communication system for Gilman towards all external parties (customers, suppliers, vendors, VIPs)
  • Support multi-locations
  • Flexibility in voice tree administration – can better serve customers, better image and impression to customers
  • Overall savings in external party administration and maintenance costs

Customer Requirement

In light of Gilman’s VoIP system purchase, GoWithYou has been commissioned to tailor-made and developed a solution (web management application) to meet Gilman’s requirements in terms of

  • Customer Service Agents’ day-to-day duties
  • Integration with Gilman’s legacy backend customer database
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Budget


Aside from application development, GoWithYou has provided technical consulting to Gilman for the realization of this whole project. One big challenge of this project was Gilman’s legacy backend customer database which dates back to technology over 10 years. In order to connect the Fujitsu VoIP Solution to the legacy database, GoWithYou had spent an enormous effort in testing and researching for the suitable solution and developing the web management tool that was able to connect the VoIP Solution with the legacy backend customer database seamlessly.

The Project

GoWithYou has researched and developed a tailor-made a Web Management Module for Gilman with the following features:

  • Customer Service Agent Administration
  • Customer Records
    • Search
      • By Name By Phone No.
      • By Address
      • By Email Address
    • Display list of purchased products
    • Display details of each purchased product
  • Service job creation/enquiry
  • Reports
    • Answered Calls Report
    • Agent Activity Report
    • Keys Pressed Report
  • CS Agents’ screen pop up – with Display of Caller ID
    • Integration from Phone System Data Fee
    •  Go directly to corresponding customer’s record