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Mobile Lottery Platform and Application

October, 2008 – July, 2009


  • Score Tech ( Beijing

Background is a eCommerce, high-end technology company with its headquarters in Beijing. Leveraging on the Internet, is an eCommerce platform that provides its customers with virtual products and currency in its basic business model.

The Project

As GoWithYou has a vast experience in advanced mobile technologies, the company is commissioned to pioneer and develop the first-ever version of the Mobile Lottery Application prototype for customers should register online or using WAP via their mobile phones. After the registration, the players will be able to download the Mobile Lottery Application (超级大乐透) to their mobile phones. It is a lottery style game where players guess what numbers will be drawn out of the central lottery machine. Players can choose 5 out of 35 numbers from the front panel and 2 out of the 12 numbers from the back panel. There are various combinations and methods that the players can use in the selection process which can make the game more interesting.

Aside from the actual play, the players can also check their previous selection history and latest lottery news from the application.