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Dynamic Hospitality Message Display Solution

January, 2008 - Present

Dynamic Hospitality Message Display (DHMD) Solution Conrad, Hong Kong

As premium leader of the hospitality service, Conrad Hong Kong has a very dynamic environment with a huge volume of daily changing messages, headlines, events, entertainment, and convention information to display.

DHMD delivers up-to-date content, with the flexibility to send different content to different displays so that the right message appears at the right place, at the right time.

Customer Requirement

To provide a Software Application to manage and provision its multimedia content to multi-screens that is placed at various locations at the Hotel to serve different signage purposes.

Application should be

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Save time in routine data entry work
  • Boost up efficiency and effectiveness of signage system


  • Developed the CMS 3.0 Signage Edition (CMS 3.0 SE), an extension application to the Content Management System which offers a comprehensive and flexible set of management tools for Signage display, content, user and screen administrations.
  • Tailor-made application work flow to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of the Digital Signage Network

Product and Service Features

  • High-quality, full-motion graphics, digital video with or without stereo sound
  • Ease of use, centralized management control over content for multiple displays
  • Real-time updates
  • Complete flexibility in scheduling by display or by display group
  • Scalable and flexible for future expansion in number of displays
  • Network health checks, including display status and play logs
  • Capability to incorporate real-time information such as current weather and forecast
  • Safeguards to prevent unauthorized content

System Enhancement – April, 2010

Added Feature

  • Image Insertion to Room Plate
    • Sample Room Plate with Image
    • Sample Corridor Plate

System Enhancement – November, 2010

Added Features

  • Auto-detect Single Event Template for Vertical Displays
  • Rotational Image Template for Ballroom Room Plates
    • Sample Rotational Image Template for Ballroom Room Plates