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Innovative Project - Multimedia Channel

December, 2005 – Present

Information Technology Project at Bridge 8, Shanghai

Sponsored by the Government of Lu Wan District, Shanghai, the “Information Technology at Bridge 8” competition project aimed to develop and integrate a technology element into the Bridge 8 property and community to enhance messaging and information exchange.  GoWithYou Technology has been appointed as the technology developer of the project, built a mobile interactive multimedia channel, and has passed the evaluation by the Government of Lu Wan District, Shanghai.

Customer Requirement

Innovative Technologies - must be able to enhance the messaging and communication between the Management Company, tenants and visitors of Bridge 8 so that creative ideas are collaborated, exchanged while special features and facilities of Bridge 8 are highlighted and promoted.


  • Promote activities within the property and the community, and tenants' information.  Flexibly announce creativity to enhance ideas exchange.
  • Entertaining multimedia effect to build a fun and exciting environment
  • Encourage users to proactively obtain information via the touch-screen to fulfill personal needs
  • Interactive programs using users' own mobile phone resulted in meeting promotional, educational and entertaining objectives
  • Used during exhibitions and events to broadcast exhibitors multimedia content
  • Minimal manpower required with centralized control the broadcast of most updated information at multiple locations
  • Round-the-clock real-time content update