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Web Game

December, 2005

VisitBritain gives you free tickets to the Hong Kong Food Festival


  • December 1-10, 2005

Customer Requirement

As a sponsor at the 3rd Hong Kong Food Festival, VisitBritain would like to run a membership campaign to:

  • Reward their existing members at the Christmas/New Year period
  • Acquire more new members


  • Design, production, backend programming and web hosting of the webgame
  • Email broadcast to all existing VisitBritain members
  • Special programming so that each member gets only 1 set of gift – even more than 1 friend is referred
  • New members registered details are collected to a database in the customer required format

The Program

VisitBritain existing members are invited to refer friends to register to become new members. Upon successful referral, the existing member and his/her friend are rewarded with 2 free tickets to the 3rd Hong Kong Food Festival and a special offer coupon of Pret a Manger.

Existing member simply enter friend's email address, his/her friend will receive an invitation email. Upon completing the registration form online, both the existing member and the new member friend will immediately receive the gift notification email.