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SMS and Online Bidding Program

September – November, 2004

Circle K「全城瘋狂勁Bid」

Scope of Work

  • Bidding Website Design, Layout, Programming & Production
  • SMS programming connecting to all 6 GSM Telco operators
  • Integrated bidding platform and database with both SMS and website user entries
  • Web console access for real-time monitoring, sorting and reporting
  • Technical Support to Circle K staff during the program
  • Prize items sourcing and liaison with Vendors
  • Redemption Centre operations - contacting winners by phone calls, SMS and email; First-come-first-serve prize giveaway handling; collection and counting of "Bid to Win" cards from winners, etc.
  • Posters artwork production
  • Website ad unit, banners design & production
  • Ad placement on web portal coordination
  • Program, website, terms and conditions, details copywriting

The Campaign

  • Upon purchase of any newspaper or magazines at Circle K, a pack of tissue with a special edition Lucky Star Card is gifted to the customer. Customers collect the cards according to different bottom prizes of bidding items to enter the bidding program.
  • To bid, customers are required follow the specific format to submit the number of Lucky Star Cards they have via SMS or follow the instruction on the Website
  • At the end of each wave, winners, with the highest bid of each item, are notified and are advised to bring the number of Lucky Star Cards used in the bidding to claim their prize(s).
  • Participants who are unsuccessful in their bids may choose to redeem for consolation prizes at Circle K stores, or participate in the biddings in the next waves.


  • Integrated bidding online platform and database for both website and SMS user entries
  • Ad-Hoc promotional boosters and mechanics during the program to add fun and encourage user participation
  • Traffic and transaction report from various websites