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SMS Multi-Trivia Game

December, 2003

Metro X'mas Extravaganza


  • December 22 – 23, 2003 (36 hours)

Scope of Work

  • SMS Mobile Interactive Platform Provider
  • Real-time interactive processing and monitoring application system

The Campaign

  • Teaser ads are placed at Metro Daily the previous week prior to the launch of game to catch the readers' attention
  • Readers of Metro submit the answer of the first question published on the newspaper via SMS to 503388
  • A second question is then sent to the user via SMS if the user sends in the correct answer to the first question. The third question will then be sent to the user if the user answered the second question correctly.  And so forth...
  • The quickest user answering all the available questions correctly becomes the winner of the grand prize.  Second winner gets the second prize, and so forth...
  • There were altogether 300 prize items including hottest 42" Plasma Display Panel, Laptop computers, mobile handsets, etc.
  • Winners are contacted with prize collecting details via SMS