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MI Playground – via "503388 SMS Playground"

June – July, 2003

Apple Daily - SMS Auction Service 
Anniversary Super Prize Giveaway - SMS "Get Right Price"

Scope of Work

  • SMS Platform Provider
  • Sourcing of AV products  

SMS Auction Service

  • With base price of HK$1, bidders auction for a 42" Plasma and other electronics and hot trendy products
  • Users send a SMS message with bidding price to 503388 using mobile phone within published time frame
  • Bidders instantly receive a reply SMS message with bidding status information
  • Real-time monitoring of bidders' entries is available for Support Operators
  • A service charge of $2 is charged through mobile bill of Mobile Service Provider

Anniversary Super Prize Giveaway – SMS "Get Right Price"

  • A collection of items were carefully selected and published at Apple Daily
  • Users have to guess the TOTAL of the listed retail price of all these items
  • Winner gets to win ALL of the items