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GWU Service

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 Business Promotion Platform Services 

GWU provide 1-stop Promotion Platform Services to our corporate clients; enabling them to run Mobile Interactive (MI) or technology enhanced marketing campaigns without investing heftily in any technology and hardware resources.

SOW may include
  • Conceptual & design of campaign
  • Delivery of promotional & marketing messages via various channels i.e. SMS or emails
  • Production of marketing materials & programming of mobile interactive technologies
  • Fully managed hosting, support & maintenance service
  • Reporting
  • Widen coverage through Mobile & Internet channels
  • No CAPEX to invest while leveraging on customers’ devices
  • Personalized application: profiled, non-invasive message push
  • Convenient @fingertips communication with customers
  • Reporting of customer behaviors & preferences can provide valuable analysis for our clients to better promote its products and services in the future

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 eRetailing Platform 


gwu as Technology Provider
  • Innovation & creative – incorporating Technology to the Retail Environment
  • Expertise – carrier class IT Platform and application to support users with now & future popular mobile devices
Joining Forces with the Retailer
  • Enable Retailer to differentiate from Competitors
  • Captivate and Induce trial
  • Capture Sales and become Market Leader


Incorporates Technology to Retail Environment
  • Normal marketing campaign budget
  • Retain same operation & logistics
Platform Features
  • Sales oriented, customer incentive driven
  • Collect data for CRM purposes
  • Accommodate wide variety of choices, matching customers’ needs and trends
  • Flexible
One Platform Infrastructure
  • Fits all now & future devices
  • PC, Mobile Phones, PPC, Blackberry
  • Support all local Telco subscribers
  • Via WiFi, Mobile network and Internet broadband

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 Enterprise Solutions 

GWU provides comprehensive carrier-class enterprise solutions to our corporate clients.

SOW may include
  • Conceptual and design
  • Innovative and practical use of technologies
  • Application design, development and production
  • Platform design, development and production
  • Manual guidelines and user training
  • Technical support and service